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Monthly Retainer

Creative, Promotion, and Analytics

Executing a marketing strategy is a critical aspect of any business's success, as it serves as the blueprint for how a company will reach and engage with its target audience to achieve its goals. With Shawn Cagle leading a well-executed marketing strategy, your business can thrive in today's competitive landscape.

First Things First

Jumping into execution is a good way to drown in the details. Marketing projects must be planned before they can be carried out. Defining scope, budget, timeline, assets available or required, and personnel up front allows for clear communication during marketing execution.


Allowing space for brainstorming, design, and copywriting gives your project the best chance of success. Shawn has world class design sensibility, tools, experience, and a network of creative achievers.


Placing advertising is just as much of an art as creating it. Shawn buys media across social, search, internet radio, web broadcast, and direct mail.


Seeing is believing. Numbers don't lie. The proof is in the profit. Shawn has business intelligence and data analysis skills that can visualize meaningful numbers in your growth journey. 

Monthly Retainer​​

The monthly retainer allows for collaboration at your speed and scale.

Monthly Retainer

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