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On Demand

Marketing Help Without the Overhead

Are you ready to create that good idea you had? You've found the perfect partner to get it done. Marketer On Demand is designed to empower you to hit your marketing goals by partnering with an execution based professional marketer.

Watch and Learn

Live video conferencing has its perks. Come with a problem, and watch the screen as the solution comes to life. There's nothing more encouraging than giving direct feedback and working through an issue in real time.

Set it and Forget it

If you prefer Shawn creates a draft without direction, feel free to step away from your computer, take a call, turn on the game, or ignore the screen. He won't be offended at the fast pace of life and conflicting demands on your time.

Experience that Counts

Experience beats theory every time. Shawn is very skilled. Among many accomplishments, Shawn Cagle has led email campaigns for 80,000 subscribers, created credit card solicitations for the America's third largest bank, and managed marketing efforts for a $10mil+ real estate agent.

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