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Financial Consultation

Our First Meeting

Bespoke Crypto Counseling

Although the world of crypto investing can seem intimidating, a trusted advisor can guide you up the steep learning curve. I take a personal approach to my clients and empower your decision to invest or not.

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My primary role is to educate my clients about the cryptocurrency space. Through original thoughts, curated content, and one-on-one instruction, I answer the questions you didn't know to ask.​​

  • What is a blockchain?

  • Why will there only be 21 million bitcoins?

  • How do I store crypto safely?


Investing is an emotional game. Price movements are very volatile and the value of a portfolio can change rapidly. It helps to have someone to talk to that can relate to the big moves up or down.

  • Is the market going to crash?

  • Am I buying the top?

  • My funds are missing, what do I do?​


There is no designation for a crypto advisor. In fact, FINRA regulations prevent most financial advisors in the United States from recommending cryptocurrency even if they agree with the investment thesis. Through my mentors and years of self study I learned how the cryptocurrency ecosystem operates.​

  • Why should I buy?

  • What should I buy?

  • When should I sell?



I bought my first bitcoin in 2015 at the recommendation of a random Redditor. I cashed out my 401k, paid the early withdrawal penalties, and invested it all in BTC at $300. I use a mobile lightning wallet for nearly free and instant BTC transactions.


I'd call myself an advanced amateur trader. I have traded since the summer of 2017. I have a passion for helping people with trading psychology and addiction. In 2021, I made a 3,200% gain in one day trading bitcoin.


I aped into Cardano NFTs and snagged two Clays at the drop. I flipped one to rinse and repeat with other projects. I sold my first NFT for a 17,500% gain as Snoop announced a collaboration. I had a fleeting idea to start my own NFT project.


I had a small allocation in the first ever sustainable yield farm. Degen farmers vote weekly on crop rotation. Who would have thought? The most extreme farms paid 4,000,000,000,000,000% APR for 8 hours.


I have an apartment in the metaverse and I join virtual spaces with whales and crypto elite. I listen and learn. I also game and watch for play-to-earn and streaming business models for gamers. Do you like Fortnite? Try Lightnite.


I am a contributor to a decentralized autonomous organization of crypto teachers. We share knowledge and help each other. I hope one day to support myself solely on teaching.

Join the Fun

I offer a free conversation to see how I may assist you in your journey. Seriously it's free, I love talking about crypto and only take on clients I believe I can help. Feel free to prepare a few questions to test my expertise. I love learning and I'm happy to say "I don't know."

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